Saint&Lyon Deep Learning Workshop Damien Fourure

Thursday, November 26th

9h30-10h00 : Welcoming

Coffee offered by the Solstice ANR Project

Welcoming and program presentation.

What is a Neural Network ? A quick introduction.

10h00-10h45 : Damien Fourure


10h45-11h00 : Coffee break

Sponsored by Solstice ANR Project (url)

11h00-11h45 : Bastien Moysset

Object Detection with Recurrent Neural Networks.

11h45-13h30 : Lunch

13h30-14h15 : Christian Wolf

DeepLearning vs Random Forests.

14h15-15h00 : Mohamed Elawady

Underwater sparse image classification using deep convolutional neural networks (VIBOT MSc Thesis) []

15h00-15h30 : Coffee break

Sponsored by Solstice ANR Project (url)

15h30-16h15 : Natalia Neverova

16h15-17h00 : Rémi Emonet

Abstractions and Frameworks for Deep Learning: a Discussion − Caffe, Torch, Theano, TensorFlow, et al.

17h00-17h30 : Debriefing

Registered attendees