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Institut Camille Jordan

Atelier de travail "Sur le théorème d'Estrada-Kanwal"
Workshop "On the Estrada-Kanwal theorem"
Saint-Étienne, 20 mai - 6 juin 2014

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Other open problems/Problèmes ouverts liés

G. Grekos: Open problems on densities, 2007

R. Giuliano - G. Grekos - L. Misik : Open problems on densities II, 2010

Unsolved problems, (edited by Oto Strauch),Uniform Distribution Theory, 2013


Comité Scientifique:

Vladimir Balaz (Bratislava)

Rita Giuliano-Antonini (Pisa)

Pierre Liardet (Marseille)

Ladislav Misik (Ostrava)

Oto Strauch (Bratislava)

Atelier soutenu par / Workshop sponsorized by :
Conseil scientifique de l' Université de St Etienne, France
Institut Camille Jordan, France
Université d'Ostrava, République Tchèque
Univeristé Comenius, Bratislava, Slovaquie
Université Technique de Bratislava, Slovaquie
Université de Pise, Italie

Comité d'organisation:

Vladimir Balaz (Bratislava + St Etienne)

Alain Faisant (St Etienne)

Rita Giuliano-Antonini (Pisa)

Georges Grekos (St Etienne)

Ladislav Misik (Ostrava)



Roland Bacher (Grenoble) ¤ [4/6 - 5/6]

Vladimir Balaz (Bratislava) ¤ [26/5 - 25/6]

Rita Giuliano-Antonini (Pisa) ¤ [26/5 - 7/6]

Martin Kolar (Ostrava) ¤ [19/5 - 6/6]

Ladislav Misik (Ostrava) ¤ [19/5 - 6/6]

Martin Sleziak (Bratislava) ¤ [26/5 - 6/6]

Jan Sustek (Ostrava) ¤ [19/5 - 6/6]

et les membres de l'ICJ.

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Martin Sleziak. Séminaire ModMad. "Density measures"
Density measures are finitely additive measures on N which extend
asymptotic density. They can be considered as a way to assigning some
kind of "size" to each subset of N and they are used in various areas,
for example, social choice theory. We will show that these measures
can be characterized by the property that they are invariant with respect to
Lévy group. We will discuss which values can density measures attain
for a given set. If the time permits, we will also mention a
correspondence between finitely additive measures on N and linear
continuous functionals on $\ell^\infty$ and discuss, which functionals
correspond to density measures.
Text and slides are here:
Page du séminaire: https://www.gate.cnrs.fr/spip.php?article556
Site Tréfilerie, Université Jean Monnet, Campus Tréfilerie : Accès par la maison de l’Université, 10, rue Tréfilerie in Saint-Etienne.
New GATE building, Seminars room.

     Campus de la Doua, Villeurbanne.
      TITLE: "New bounds for irrationality measures of some fast converging sequences"
ABSTRACT: For a real number~$\xi$ its irrationality measure~$\mu(\xi)$ is defined as the supremum of all positive real numbers~$\mu$ such that the inequality
has infinitely many solutions $p\in\ZZ$, $q\in\ZZ^+$. Irrationality measure describes how closely the number~$\xi$ can be approximated by rational numbers. The talk presents new upper bounds for irrationality measures of some fast converging series of rational numbers. The results depend only on speed of convergence of the series and do not depend on arithmetical properties of the terms.

Georges Grekos. 2/6/2014, 14h15.  TITLE: "A density?"
ABSTRACT: Let  $A$  be  a subset of  {\bf N} . The quantity  $a_0$   such that the series $\sum_{a\in A ; a>1} n^{-1} {\ln n}^{-a}$
converges if  $a>a_0$  and diverges if
$a<a_0$ , is a kind of density of  $A$ .

Ladislav Misik. 2/6/2014., 15:00.  TITLE: "On a class of cardinal densities".  

Martin Kolar. 5/6/2014, 10:15.  TITLE: "Determinants of Hess matrices".  


20/5/2014   salle A 3     10:15 On the Estrada-Kanwal theorem
21/5/2014   salle A 16   10:15 Generalizations of Olivier's theorem
22/5/2014   salle A 16   10:15 On the Estrada-Kanwal theorem
23/5/2014   salle A 16   10:15 On the Beurling-Malliavin density

26/5/2014   salle A 16   10:15  A new density
27/5/2014   salle A 16   10:15  On I-variation
28/5/2014   salle A 16   10:15  On the Estrada-Kanwal theorem

 2/6/2014    salle A 17   10:15  On I-variation
 3/6/2014    salle A 17   10:15  On the Estrada-Kanwal theorem
 4/6/2014    salle A 17   10:15  On density measures
 5/6/2014    salle A 17   10:15  On the Estrada-Kanwal theorem
 6/6/2014    salle A 17   10:15  On a distribution function defined on combinations