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"Believe me, for I know, you will find something far greater in the woods than in books. Stones and trees will teach you that which you cannot learn from the masters." -- Bernard of Clairvaux

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 Welcome to François Jacquenet's Web

I am Professor of Computer Science at the CS department of the University of Saint-Etienne

I am a member of the Machine Learning Team of the Hubert-Curien lab

Here are some information if you have to contact me at Laboratoire Hubert Curien :
Office: 1.58
Phone: +33 (0)4 77 91 58 07
e-mail: Francois Jacquenet in the domain
Surface mail :
   Laboratoire Hubert Curien
   18 rue Benoit Lauras
   42000 Saint-Etienne
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Last update: May 09, 2021.

Questions or Comments? Email me: Francois Jacquenet in the domain