Example of generated dynamic graph

A dynamic network spanning 10 timestamps starting with 5 communities. Vertex color corresponds to community membership. The layout is based on Kamada-Kawaï algorithm.

User interface of the software

The parameters are on the left panel. Graph visualisation and options in the center panel and the measures are displayed at the bottom. The community dynamics and degree distributions panels are availlable through tabs.

Dynamic of the communities

Evolution of the communities in a generated dynamic network. Each node corresponds to a community at a given timestamp and edges indicate that two consecutive communities share common vertices.




Micro Dynamic

Macro Dynamic

Attribute measures

Structural measures

Download DANCer jar file : Download

Download DANCer SCALA source file : Download

Download DANCer User Manual : Download

This software is based on an algorithm described in article : DANCer: Dynamic Attributed Networks with Community Structure Generation by Christine Largeron, Pierre-Nicolas Mougel, Oualid Benyahia and Osmar R. Zaïane under publication.