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MCF Campaign Game:

In a simplified way, this is how a MCF (teaching and researching french permanent positions) campaign looks like:

1. Each available position has its own selection process. The applicant has to send one application file per position.
2. For each position, a committee meets and settle the list of applicant for an audition. In maths, it is customary to publish this list, in a transparent way, on the website Opération postes.
3. The applicant audition on the location of each position (where retained). Concretely, this may result in a month-long trip across France.
4. A ranking is settled by the committee of each position. This ranking is published on Opération postes.
5. The applicant ranks the positions where he still is in the running. Then the machine assign him a position (or not) following the rules indicated there.

4bis. Since the auditions are spread onto one mounth and there is almost the same period of time before getting the feedback of the machine, the suspense might seem unbearable between steps 4. and 5. It is then tempting to guess your own fate concerning a possible assignment before the machine feedback.

2011: After 41 application files and 7 auditions, this diagram displays my rankings as well as the rankings concerning applicants whose choices may influence my fate. The game consists in finding out whether or not I have reasonable chances to get a position at this stage. After a careful study of the previous diagram, you may want to know the final choices of the other applicants. The answer is there.


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